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Refurbishment and Garden Enhancement for a Traditional Bungalow

Upon acquiring their new property, our client sought comprehensive refurbishment and garden maintenance services for their classic bungalow. The project encompassed a complete overhaul, including a re-roofing solution, garden fencing, and interior plastering services.

To address the roofing concerns, our proficient team at "Forward Scaffolding" swiftly erected a sturdy platform for our roofers. Their meticulous work involved a thorough re-roofing process, entailing the removal of old tiles, baton, and membrane. We replaced these with a modern breathable membrane system, along with new baton and tiles, ensuring a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish.

The garden, showing signs of wear and tear, demanded a new fence to replace the weathered structures. Opting for resilience, the client chose concrete posts and gravel boards. Additionally, we undertook simple landscaping, clearing the garden with the assistance of a digger and extending fencing along the house's side alley. We installed new gates for added convenience and security.

Inside the property, the aging infrastructure required significant updates. Ceilings were removed due to water damage from the old roof, necessitating the replacement of insulation and plasterboard. Wallpaper was stripped from the walls, preparing them for a pristine plastering finish.

During the renovation process, the client also opted for electrical upgrades, including a re-wire, installation of new plug sockets, and modern lighting fixtures. Furthermore, a contemporary bathroom renovation was executed, accompanied by updated plumbing and installation of new radiators.

With attention to detail, we prepared the rooms for plastering, utilizing scrim tape, bonding, and grit. Subsequently, we executed the plastering work throughout the whole property. Once the plaster had cured and dried, the interiors were painted, bestowing a fresh and rejuvenated ambiance to the living spaces.



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