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Storm-Stricken Roof Repairs and Elegant Room Restoration: Front and Back Room Transformation

Updated: Feb 21

Amidst a fierce wind and rainstorm a few weeks before Christmas in Bexhill, the roof of a property faced significant challenges. The storm caused the lifting of tiles, creating vulnerable points for water infiltration. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the underlying membrane had deteriorated due to a combination of the storm's impact and the natural aging process. This resulted in a substantial amount of rainwater penetrating the property, causing internal damage to ceilings, joists, and walls in both a small room and the main front room.

To address the issue, we collaborated with "Forward Scaffolding" to erect the necessary scaffolding for roof repairs. Simultaneously, as the roofing work progressed, we initiated interior restoration. The ceilings in both affected rooms were constructed with lath and plaster, which had become saturated and needed complete removal. During this process, we discovered compromised joists in the corners, necessitating reinforcement. Additionally, the walls were carefully stripped to a secure point where no further lath and plaster would detach.

Subsequent steps involved plasterboarding for the ceilings in both rooms. Once completed, meticulous bonding of the walls paved the way for plastering. After the plastering process, including thorough drying, we meticulously prepared the surfaces for painting. Both rooms were adorned with a full coat of paint, extending to the skirting and windows.

The final touch involved a comprehensive cleanup, ensuring everything was restored to its pre-storm state just in time for the customers to relish a joyous Christmas celebration in their renewed living spaces.



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