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Confronting the Challenge of Rising Damp: A Comprehensive Restoration Effort

Evidence of rising damp permeated the majority of our ground floor, causing walls to deteriorate and saturate with moisture.

Prior to commencing any work, we implemented thorough floor protection measures. Our first step involved carefully removing affected wall materials down to bare brickwork, ensuring a minimum clearance of 1.2 meters above ground level to facilitate effective damp proofing.

Utilizing precise chemical damp proof injection (DPC) techniques, we established a liquid barrier at optimal distances and heights before applying damp proof rendering. Augmented by Triton-backed solutions, we fortified the walls with a resilient rendering mix, incorporating both scratch coat and top coat applications to ensure robust protection.

Following ample drying time, we meticulously cleaned the area in preparation for plastering. All necessary preparatory steps were meticulously carried out before proceeding with plastering in readiness for redecoration.

After allowing the plaster to dry and cure thoroughly, we executed the final step of painting to achieve a flawless finish, restoring the space to its former glory.


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